Posted by: Yoga PS | 12 January 2011

Change Management

This is my answer for Accenture University Student Competition 2th’ question.

Change Yes we Can-Yoga PS

Enjoy 🙂



  1. Mas Yogaaa!!! As expected from a deep thinker like you 🙂
    using I-have-no-idea-what-this-is-all-about terms in management world.

    You explain the framework it sooo well!!! structured!!!
    You know what… I mixed the explanations up -,-

  2. blog walkin’ aje…hahahahha
    ayo nulis2

  3. walah… but you are better in breaking down the problem into tiny action plan….

    ak jawabane ngawang2 hahahah

  4. wa ngetik skripsi dolo ya bos. tar wa setor

  5. Hahahahha, ok deh sama kerjain skripsi (revisi) dulu

  6. Mas Yoga, ini sungguh blog yang mencerdaskan!

  7. ayo bareng! :p

  8. wow sesuai dengan tujuan UUD 45 donk?

  9. Emil ikut nulis di ekonom gila yuk! hehehhehe

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