Posted by: Yoga PS | 13 November 2011

[Curhat] Writer Plan 2020

I’m running out of time and still can’t finish any regular article. So I just want to publish one of my life plan. I call it “Writer Plan 2020”. Some strategic planning to become successful-state of the art-world class writer in the future :).

This is kind of “curhat”. And as a disincentive, I will write [Curhat] in English. I need to improve my English written skill (oral also of course), even though my last TOEFL score was 550++. But I’m working at multinational company right now, which have to use English as official language. Yeah, what a moron, we even talk in English to the other Indonesian! What about Sumpah Pemuda declaration???

I really appreciate your pray and support so I could be the real world class-best selling writer in Business Economics in the future. Insya Allah…


Or you could download it at Yoga’s Writer Plan 2020.



  1. woww… gile.. 550 om toeflnya????????

  2. aduh… abal tuh testnya… wakakka… buktinya masih belepotan klo ngomong

  3. yang abal2 aja tinggi yak.. apalagi yang bener. =))

  4. Come on, sometimes I become speechless in English presentation 😦

  5. Mas, aku suka planmu deh!

  6. Ven, aku suka komenku deh!

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