Posted by: Yoga PS | 25 December 2011


Actually I want to donate this book for you guys, but suddenly, one person already made an offer for the book. So I already send it to Yogyakarta a few days ago. Never mind, let’s talk about content from this book.

This book was written by Ken McArthur, internet marketing specialist. Published at 2008, but I just bought it a few weeks in November. The idea is simple: How to change the world. That’s why the title is Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions, And Make A Difference in a Noisy World.

So if you really want to change the world, just remember one golden rule:

Every single tiny action creating impact to the world!!!

And to get a huge impact you have to ask yourself, what is your real motivation? Is it for money, fame, humankind, god, or something?

After that, you have to choose the field you want to be impacted. We can’t be Superman in every field. Life is short, we need specialize in certain skill area of expertise. Just choose one and be master of it.

Already found your specialization? Great!!!.

Now set your goal.

Identify your action to achieve it.

Measure the result.

Put yourself in the back or get your act in order


Repeat the success formula.

It seems so easy to change the world..

In real world we have constraint in our resources. We have limited skill, time, money, or scarcity of ideas. That’s the real challenge for change agent. How big your perseverance? Do you keep fight till the end? Do you spread your idea correctly?..

How to spread idea effectively and efficiently?

First, you must have clear message.


Identify your target audience.

Look for suitable medium

Create some stories

Explain the action

Spread it in many media

Follow up it


Try to find leverage factors…

What makes idea easy to spread among other

It must simple

Easy to be understood

There must be reward for spreading idea


Must contain benefit

Remember the LAWS of Influence

There always reciprocity… if you give A, the other will give B as a feedback

It need commitment and consistency… you can’t change the message until they understood

Social proof is really smacking… people believe what other people believe

Authority will play great majority… imagine propaganda within some regime…

It’s faster if people like your idea, and…

If it scarce and unique, it will be bizarre ideas…

SO…THAT’s All… I just want to write uncommon book resume. You could read it in this mind map and download the pdf version at: Impact.

Have a nice weekend all 😀



  1. I Think I interested to read this one, really inpired… 😀

  2. waduh ni tulisan acak adut. Mau buat yang beda, malah aneh jadinya. Mungkin mindmap nya bisa membantu bos hehehe

  3. good. 🙂

  4. Good is enemy of Great

  5. kok?

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